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Ruby Gem for SugarCRM: Advanced use

This is an article about “advanced” use of the SugarCRM Ruby gem. We’ve previously covered using basic gem functionality, and building a simple rails app using the gem to make a CRM portal, so you might want to take a … Continue reading

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Ruby Gem for SugarCRM: Ruby on Rails Integration

Having gone over the basics in a previous article, we will now cover how you can get a basic Rails 3 app (using the SugarCRM Ruby gem) up and running. (The SugarCRM Ruby gem relies on ActiveSupport >= 3, and … Continue reading

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Ruby Gem for SugarCRM: the Basics

The Ruby gem for SugarCRM has already been briefly presented in a SugarCRM Developer Zone article, but has been drastically improved over the last months. In the following lines, we’ll go over a few of these improvements and show you … Continue reading

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Getting CRM Right

If you read about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you’ll undoubtedly learn of various software, implementation strategies, successful and failed outcomes, and other interesting information. Unfortunately, within this overload of facts and tidbits of information, we sometimes forget about what CRM … Continue reading

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