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Far too many people—especially people with great expertise in one area—are contemptuous of knowledge in other areas or believe that being bright is a substitute for knowledge. First-rate engineers, for instance, tend to take pride in not knowing anything about people… Human resource professionals, by contrast, often pride themselves on their ignorance of elementary accounting… But taking pride in such ignorance is self-destructing.

– Peter Drucker, “Managing Oneself”

In today’s increasingly complex world, this quote has never rang so true: business professionals require savvy information technology professionals, and IT professionals need leaders to guide the company to profitability. One would think that such a co-dependent existence would lead to symbiosis, but sadly nothing could be farther from reality.

In the field, you will notice that IT professionals find it difficult to—or are unwilling to–communicate clearly with professionals that aren’t well versed in technology uses and jargon. By the same token, managers are often inept at conveying how IT solutions can and should bolster specific business processes.

In closing, my humble wish is for ‘geeks’ to find value in the technical articles found here, and for ‘suits’ to be stimulated by business-related content. But above all, I hope each will be exposed to content read by the other, and thus contribute to bridging the geek-suit divide.

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  1. Peter Bohny says:

    Hi David
    I have been doing your tutorial Marionette Angry Cats. Unfortunately Marionette has changed since. I changed the bindTo() to listenTo and I don’t get the error back. But somehow the app doesn’t update the itemView after a vote has clicked. What else do I need to change?

    Maybe you could update the tutorial to the latest Backbone and Marionette releases.

  2. david says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated the blogs posts and the code on Github. Everything should work now.

    As you’ll see, it seems you now need to tell the CompositeView to render the collection when it’s sorted.

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