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On programming fluency

Over on Slashdot, a discussion on programming prompted me to organize various thoughts I’ve had on programming. Having acquired several languages as a child (i.e. effortlessly) and going on to learn other languages (both natural and programming languages) as a … Continue reading

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Leveraging Active Record reflections

I recently ran into an issue using the permanent records gem: when you permanently destroy a record (i.e. NOT soft delete), the dependent records with a `:dependent => :destroy` relationship are only soft deleted (i.e. marked as deleted, but kept … Continue reading

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Learning Rails 3

Update: I have since been able to review the first edition (with complete content). The Rails 3 framework has brought quite a lot of new, sexy features which in turn has prompted many people to learn to use the framework. … Continue reading

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Impostor syndrome and BOMTYCC problems

This post will be my attempt at describing how I keep on pushing myself to improve my skills and go beyond performance plateaus, despite struggling with impostor syndrome.

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