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Centralized rich content distribution in the web era

A typical global retail organization will have many points of sale (POS), and will usually require enriched content to be presented to customers. This is especially true in industries such as luxury watches, where it is important to educate customers … Continue reading

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Using a partial as an optional layout

Rails uses partials a lot, and you can even use partials as mini-layouts. What I wanted to do is render flashes either as a normal partial (i.e. passing a string of text to be displayed), or as a layout (passing … Continue reading

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Rake task with an external script using ActiveRecord

Using Rake to call an external script is quite straightforward: you can simply load it, or call “system”, or “exec”. By the same token, using ActiveRecord classes in a Rake task is easy: you just need to state your task … Continue reading

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Icon links with data-uris (no CSS sprites !)

One step in getting to a snappy website experience is reducing HTTP requests. One technique contributing to this reduction is using CSS sprites for icon links. Today, however, I’ll show you how you can achieve the same objective using data-uris. … Continue reading

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Rails 3 in Action

Several months ago, I took a look at Rails 3 in Action by Ryan Bigg and Yehuda Katz. The publisher has since provided me with a copy of the first edition, and I’m pleased to say that while the eBook … Continue reading

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