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Automating web site interactions with Selenium

Dannon currently has a “promotion” called Cups of Hope where you can enter codes into their web page to donate money to breast cancer research. Entering data repeatedly gets old real fast, so I figured this would be a great … Continue reading

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Selecting an option from dropdown form fields with Mechanize

Mechanize works great for uploading data through forms: it has great support for manipulating text fields, check boxes, and so on. Selecting the appropriate option from a dropdown is slightly more roundabout.

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Uploading data using Mechanize

In this post, I’ll briefly describe a Mechanize script I wrote to update data in a web application. We’ll see how to navigate using Mechanize, and finding HTML elements with XPath. The goal was simple: open a CSV file containing … Continue reading

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Posting forms with AJAX on checkbox toggle

In a recent Rails 3.1 project, I wanted to have some values updated via AJAX when a checkbox value is checked or unchecked. As I was unable to find anything on the subject online, I figured I would document it … Continue reading

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