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The value of Behavior-Driver Development and cohorts

Plenty has been written on the merits of BDD, TDD, and friends. However, I’ll address them from a different angle: in previous posts, I argued that programming languages were remarkably similar to natural languages, and a later post suggested you … Continue reading

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Focus on outcomes

In everything I do, I try to keep the goal in mind. Focusing on the outcome now comes quite naturally to me, but I’ve noticed that what I now take for granted, others seem completely oblivious to. And this goal-oriented … Continue reading

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Cucumber tweaks

I’ve lately started to use Cucumber and Selenium (via Capybara) “for real” to be used as the testing mechanism on my latest Rails project. In fact, I’ve been relying on it quite heavily to test views : I skipped the … Continue reading

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On programming fluency (cont’d)

In the previous post, I covered how I consider programming languages to be similar to (foreign) natural languages, and how one can go about learning the basics. We’ll now move on to how a coder can build on this initial … Continue reading

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